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The Hydroblock® family of products is unique in that it has formulations designed for use with both manual and static automatic blocking systems.  There are four different grades of Hydroblock® available.  Starting with products used with manual blocking systems, the products are:


Hydroblock® Regular Blue

Hydroblock® Regular Blue is the first product developed for blocking GP lenses, and has proven itself as an excellent replacement for old wax based systems.  Hydroblock® Regular Blue is designed for use in manual systems where the arbor is dipped into a pot of molten blocking compound prior to centering the lens.  It provides a very hard, rigid surface for all tooling applications, as well as a superior holding ability.  Many labs use Hydroblock® Regular Blue for blocking highly stressed systems such as in toric lens production.  As with all Hydroblock® grades, lenses can be deblocked in cold water and any residue removed with warm soapy water. 

Hydroblock® Blue QR

Hydroblock® Blue QR was developed to meet the demand from customers for a water soluble blocking compound that is easier and faster to deblock than Hydroblock® Regular Blue.  The result of this refinement of the original formula is Hydroblock® Blue QR.  Because of the weaker bond to the lenses, Hydroblock® Blue QR is more easily deblocked than the original version.  It still provides a hard, rigid surface which will allows precise, reproducible results in your manufacturing process and can be cleaned using warm, soapy water. 

Hydroblock® Auto-Plus

Hydroblock® Auto-Plus is the workhorse product in the Hydroblock® family.  It has been developed to provide the hardest surface possible and deblock quickly and cleanly from the lens surface. Many labs, especially those that process a large volume of lenses per week, find that Hydroblock® Auto-Plus provides the ideal surface for fast and precise lens production.  Hydroblock® Auto-Plus is readily deblocked using an ultrasonic unit with cold water, and all residue can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Hydroblock® Auto-White

Some customers like color, and some don't. For those labs that wanted a color free version of Hydroblock®. Misupco now offers Hydroblock® Auto-WhiteHydroblock® Auto-White is the same formula as Hydroblock® Auto-Plus without the color. This removes any possibility of color migrating into the lens while on the blocker. Hydroblock® Auto-White is designed to be used with automatic blockers, and gives labs the same high performance and soap and water clean-up as the rest of the Misupco blocking compound line.

Hydroblock® Xtra

Hydroblock® Xtra is the newest addition to Misupco’s line of water soluble blocking compounds. Hydroblock® Xtra is made from unique technology that gives a very hard and dense blocking compound that is very water soluble. It has been designed for use with automatic blockers. Hydroblock® Xtra can be deblocked using warm (or even hot) water and as with all Misupco blocking compounds will leave no residue behind on the lens surface. Hydroblock® Xtra should be very good in applications where a very hard and rigid surface is needed. Contact any Misupco distributor for a sample today.

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