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Misupco offers a complete line of water soluble blocking compounds for use with GP lenses. Since its introduction, Hydroblock® has been the golden standard in the industry. All grades of Hydroblock® provide a hard, rigid surface that gives excellent support for all machining applications. Hydroblock® is removed from the finished lenses using only soap and water. Get rid of harsh and dangerous solvents and switch over to Hydroblock® in your lab today!

Misupco is working hard to keep up with changing contact lens technology and trends. Over the last several years the production of scleral lenses has increased tremendously. Misupco has responded by developing Hydroblock® Xtra. This compound is based on new technology, is very hard and provides a stable surface for cutting large lenses. Hydroblock® Xtra is very water soluble and can be deblocked easily using warm water.

Learn more about its properties in the GRADES section.


Hydroshine is a high viscosity polish designed for use on all GP lenses. Its primary use is to polish the front and back curves of the lens. It uses a very small and uniform size of aluminum oxide as the polishing agent, and will give very good results with any kind of automatic polishing unit. Hydroshine will not separate on standing, and maintains it's smooth and creamy appearance from the first use to the last. Hydroshine is sold in 8 ounce, 32 ounce, and one gallon bottles.

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